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Tooth implant surgery

Extracting teeth , wisdom tooth extraction

In our distant past the human diet was very different and required a robust posterior grinding surface that was housed in a significantly larger jaw. The third molars or wisdom teeth, provided that estra grinding capacity. Modern man, however, developed a much more refined diet; one that requires a more streamlined and less significant jaw.

Our wisdom teeth often have too little room to develop, resulting in any number of painful outcomes. They can fail to erupt and become impacted. They may only partially erupt, or they may grow at a severe angle pushing backward against the jaw or forward into the second molar. They may become infected, and painful cysts may develop. If you suspect you’re experiencing pain from not-so-wise wisdom teeth, get relief! Give us a call!

dental bone graft

implant surgeries

Dental implants, once considered the wave of the future, have become virtually routine in practices like ours with teams that have recieved special training. Ideally, an implant should be placed immediately after losing even one tooth to protect you against receding bone and shifting teeth. Even so, in the event that time has passed and bone loss occurred, modern techniques for bone regeneration make dental implants a viable option for many people. 

Implants can be used…

  • to replace teeth lost by decay, gum disease or trauma once the jaw has stopped growing.
  • To secure and prevent slipping of removable dentures and bridges.

There is little down time and while there are some procedural differences between placing cosmetic implants and those to anchor bridges or dentures. For best result we prefer to do it in stages…

We consider dental implants to be the gold standard of care and hope you will too. They are time tested, predictable and so reliable that millions are placed annually in the world.

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